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Help: Off-Campus Access Help

A page where patrons can get additional library assistance.

How do I access databases off campus?

Simply follow the same multi-factor authentication method you use to access Canvas and Workday. FYI: multi-factor authentication is a two-step verification process that adds an extra layer of network security. First, type in your UFNet username. Click Next and type in your UFNet password.


After entering your UFNet username and password, you need to choose a second verification method using your mobile device or tablet. You can either use the Authenticator app or have a randomized authentication code sent to your device. Refer to the ITS multi-factor authentication FAQ for more info.


The UF Resource Authentication method isn't working. What should I do?

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Clear web browser cache and cookies. View instructions for PC and Mac devices on the ITS Help Desk page.
  • Try a different browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox, as they are compatible with library databases. Internet Explorer is sometimes not compatible.
  • Corporate networks or work computers may have firewalls preventing access. These locations include hospitals, businesses, schools, and other organizations. Try accessing the library's databases using your own personal device and home internet connection.
  • Still not working? Email us at Please include the following info:
    • Name
    • Status at UF (faculty, staff, or student)
    • Using exact details, outline the steps you are taking to access the database. Include screenshots as necessary.
    • The device you are using

Other Tips

  • If you receive a File missing: docs/suspend.htm error, this means you have downloaded an excessive amount of material in a short amount of time from one of our database collections. Our proxy server has downloading restrictions in place to prevent unlimited downloading and content piracy. Please wait approximately 15 minutes while your connection is restored and your "current session" resets. If you are suddenly logged out of your session, log in again.